Security Nation-wide for Swedish Motorists!


In order to organize a new recovery trade in Sweden the insurance companies together with MRF (Motorbranschens Riksförbund) started Bärgningskåren AB in 1965.

A new era had begun. Creating network of separate recovery companies all over the country Bärgningskåren quickly grew to a nation-wide organization. During most of three decades Bärgningskåren was market leader with about 70% of the recovery market by means of a mutual profil, continuous training of recovery personnel and constant use of the latest technical developments.

Possibly Bärgningskåren was the most qualified recovery organization in the world. In 1991 the owner groups found that the objective of structuring the nations recovery had been achieved. The organization was liquidated in accordande with this, combined with the fact that insurance companies had changed the conditions of the recovery motor insurance and consequently no longer had a motive for supportning Bärgningskåren.

Assistancekåren - the New Organization

A new nation-wide organization, MRF-Bärgarna, was established by the recovery companies in MRF formerly connected to the network of Bärgningskåren. This organization operates under the name of Assistancekåren. Assistancekåren has thereby taken over from Bärgningskåren and continues to develop the recovery trade in Sweden.

Within our organization there is today 150 member salvage firms - from Kiruna in north to Ystad in the south - which garantiees fast and qualified service when needed. Assistancekåren has at its disposal 400 recovery vehicles, of which 100 are for heavy recovery, strategically localized all over the country. Personnel is well trained and experienced in all types of operations in the recovery trade. A vehicle for heavy recovery has power resorces above the usual. It can handle recovery of modern big trucks, busses and heavy entrepreneur machinery. It can put road constructions in place, pull down industrial chimney constructions, move buildings... All heavy recovery personnel is well trained and has ADR-certificates "European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous goods by Road". Careful recovery demands knowledge. Our recovery personnel is continuously trained. If damage should occur in spite of precautions the customer receives compensation by means of our special responsibility transport insurance.

Assistancekåren offers the customers a total motor assistance: Recovery, roadside repair, oppening of locked vehicles, all hour repairs and transport. Our recovery drivers can also help with certain special measures as needed.

A vast Network

Assistancekåren works in close contact with the police, the fire defense, the insurance companies, the regional communities etc. We also work together with corresponding organizations i Denmark, Finland, Norge and some of the Baltic countries. Assistancekåren is a member of IFRS,International Federation of Recovery Specialists, which is a union of recovery/assistance organizations from all over the world but mostly European.

The versatility, competence, experience and nation-wide coverage of Assistancekåren constitutes
security for everyone on the road in any weather condition, day and night, around the year!